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  1. arklinmike

    Wow so the tower they added to Mylta Power (4:30) looks like the one in Chernobyl (haven't been there, but saw the series). Interesting. I wonder if they'll make it hazardous to roam around in?

  2. Asdfer411

    played a few rounds of PUBG after like 8 months of not playing. Random splitsecond screenfreezes every now and then, shitty fps, menu is still laagy af. I'm done giving pubg more and more tries =/

  3. Anonymously Yours

    If they really are changing and fixing and making things denser it's good but that should happen to everything, Erangle is still favorite for most and every area on map should get upgrade denser areas and weather should also be in it from cloudy to rainy to stormy to sun shine etc. then times from morning to afternoon to evening to night to midnight to pre morning everything, I'll love all of that!

  4. deIlluminati

    They used pre-made assets for all the houses right? Seems like all the new house assets are made by them, so hopefully they are well optimized! Better graphics, and perhaps better FPS! Seems like a great update

  5. InFiddle _

    im a bit apprehensive…. I highly doubt they can make the game look this good without putting a dent in performance… i have a middle of the road pc which as of right now can sort of run the game.. it still crashes a lot, and combine that with server issues…. pubg can be a pretty rough experience at times…. and pubg wouldn't be the first game to drop an update that makes the game no longer playable for me…. so when i see the graphics updated this much.. i worry that the game i paid for won't be able to run on my pc anymore….. this seems as though it will be yet another 2 steps forward 2 steps back patch for pubg….. on a more positive note though, the new prison actually seems like a decent place to drop.. fooook yah.

    it seems as though they're going to make it so places that you could easily jump to in the past will now require a mantle…. so say you could jump from one balcony to another with ease right now…. but with the patch a lot of those jumps will now be at a distance where you have to pull yourself up. seems like a lot of these changes will be in favor of more passive players (as wacky also noted)… which is also a concern for me… the game as is already gives too much incentive to hide… the shooting and combat is where pubg shines in my opinion… it's a shooter with one or two survival mechanics…. it's not a survival game with shooting mechanics…. all it has is a boost bar and an inventory system… everything else is built to make the game a good shooter… pubg has the best shooting of any game out rn…. i don't understand why they wouldn't want to push people to fight more and hide less. or at least stop giving incentive to hide…… to me what makes BR fun is the freedom "drop where ever, use what ever, play however"… thats what makes BR great.. not "survive to the end"

    also, i really like that they're giving streamers severs with the new changes instead of putting shit on the test server and adding it without beig tested (because no one plays test server)

  6. Theshiny Latias

    Also there’s a lot more detail though out the remaster. In the trees grass and bushes. Just looks like they made it as realistic as possible. The city street is where this is best shown

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