PUBG MOBILE | Dynamo The Sniper King | MADE BY FAN #DynamicArmy

A Little Sniper Montage Made By A Fan.

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All credits goes to YT : SickGamerX . A big shoutout to him & heartily thanks for the video.

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GPU – GTX 1070 zotac


41 Replies to “PUBG MOBILE | Dynamo The Sniper King | MADE BY FAN #DynamicArmy”

  1. Kirti Kousik

    Bhai pubg pc pe thoda patt se headshot dikhao. Woh toh kar nehin paoge. Aaj jo saanp bol raha hey dusro ko kabhi wo bhi pubg pc mein saanp tha. You don't believe me go see his old streaming. Even building mein sanp ban jate the hamare bhai

  2. Vky Thorat

    Those who says he plays on pc should try to do these things by themselves. It's not easy to do these things on pc,too. Tencent official has said that emulator player will only be matched with emulator player and Tencent gaming buddy is official emulator. Instead of hating him blindly we should encourage all good players. They are promoting e-sports culture in India. And yes, he is not SHROUD but he is HYDRA|DYNAMO.

  3. Afro_J Shaikh

    Bhai saab ghha gaye mene ye video aapne sb dosto ko dikhaya wo to pagal hogaye ..legend bhai legend ……hail HYDRA …..king of headshot …….headshot probability —-99.9% ……wanna see you #3 in asia server

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