PUBG Mobile New Story Mode and Bug Fixing Update

A narrative-based PUBG game will require a complete overhaul.

In terms of battle royale games or any games for that matter; it doesn’t get any bigger than Players Unknown Battlegrounds or as it is better known “PUBG”.

PUBG draws inspiration from Counter-Strike, in that it neglects the single player or story mode and gets right into the multiplayer action. However, a recent announcement is set to change that.

The PUBG Corporation recently announced Sledgehammer Games co-founder Glen…


46 Replies to “PUBG Mobile New Story Mode and Bug Fixing Update”

  1. Devraj pawar

    मेरा RP सुभेसे लोक होचुका हे ईसखा नया आभढठ कभ आनवा हे आगल वीडमे बतऔ

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