The Best Settings To Use In PUBG!

Ever wondered what the optimal settings are in PUBG to get the most FPS and visibility in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? Well I did, and a few of you did aswell. You requested this video, and here it is! The very best settings to use in PUBG! Enjoy!

On another note, we hit 50 subscibers! That’s insane! Everyone, thanks so much for all the support!

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50 Replies to “The Best Settings To Use In PUBG!”

  1. nubcake

    FPP Camera FOV: 103
    Screen Scale: 120
    Anti-Aliasing: Medium
    Post-Processing: Very Low
    Texture: Medium
    Effects: Very Low
    Foliage: Very Low
    View Distance: Very Low
    Motion Blur: Off
    V-sync: Off
    Crosshair Color: Purple

  2. jie jun stowell

    I find that if you really want HIGH FPS. set your resolution to 1600 x 900. personally, I don't find a big different between the 900p and the 1080p! I got like a 30 ~60 FPS boots when I change from 1080p to 900p!

  3. Artwil Gamboa

    this guy The intro was perfect the song is stupid (but perfect for the vibe) the flying car is perfect and the 3 kills that will let you know he is serious on what he is about to say im subbing for that shit

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