Vikendi Snow Map Gameplay – PUBG

PUBG’s new snow map (Vikendi) and some other new content has been released on the PC test servers. I gave it a shot after a while of not playing.

This video is in partnership with Asus RoG.

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27 Replies to “Vikendi Snow Map Gameplay – PUBG”

  1. Astuteous Maximus

    People love this map mainly because of the loot spawn. You can pretty much find AR's/SMG's/scopes etc and get geared up in any area with four buildings or more as you can do with Sanhok. Allot of the time, just one or two buildings is enough and it's like this pretty much all over the map. This takes away the element of luck that you get with Erangel where finding a 2* or better scope is often like searching for that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and you often end up in a situation where all you have is a shotgun and smg with a holo/red dot sight and you're then having to leg it across large open areas against people with SR's/DMR's.

    And that's if you even make it that far. Allot of the time, with Erangel, it literally comes down to who manages to go into a room where there's a weapon and he/she can then go gank the other player/s who were unlucky. Some people enjoy the random nature of it but allot don't as it can be frustrating to queue up for 10 minutes when playing at night only to get killed because the player happened to find a weapon before you. I don't understand why the devs don't adjust the loot with Erangel to make it like Vikendi in terms of the loot. They should at least add more 2* scopes as the map is huge.

  2. thepluraloftiger

    i fell through the map and swam to the final phase 9 circle. placed 2nd against a full squad. great game. wish i could play it. and not have to wait for a year for buildings to load (xbox pts)

  3. mrjanozak

    Fun fact: map Vikendi is from Slovenija and the pubg producers were in Slovenia ( BLED ) so they took that idea to do this map! ( Dino Park = Bled / Bohinj ), ( Dobra vas, Castle )

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